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We Cover From backyard Parties to events and weddings..

Chair Hire:

We Have Couple Selection of Chair Hires to Cater to your budget.

Comfortable and stylish seating options suitable for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Choose from a variety of designs to complement your event theme


We Have you Covered With our Party Hire Business that covers Weddings.

  1. Chair Hire:

    • Description: Elegant and comfortable seating options ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Choose from a range of styles to match your wedding theme and decor.
  2. Marquee Hire:

    • Description: Stylish marquees providing shelter and elegance for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Customizable sizes and designs to accommodate your guests and create a memorable setting.
  3. Lighting Hire:

    • Description: Create an enchanting atmosphere with our lighting options. From soft, romantic ambiance to dazzling effects, illuminate your wedding space to perfection.
  4. Tableware Rental:

    • Description: Enhance your wedding tables with our exquisite glassware, plates, and cutlery. Add sophistication and charm to your dining experience for this special occasion.
  5. Decoration Hire:

    • Description: Elevate your wedding decor with our range of decorative items. From arches to centerpieces and decorative accents, transform your venue into a captivating space.
Table Hire

Our Local Party Hire Brisbane Destination have you covered

  1. Foldable Tables Rental:

    • Description: Versatile and practical foldable tables suitable for various events. Easy to set up and arrange, providing flexibility without compromising on elegance.
  2. Round Tables Rental:

    • Description: Classic and stylish round tables perfect for wedding banquets or intimate gatherings. Enhance your event with these elegant table options.
  3. Long Tables Rental:

    • Description: Create a communal and inviting atmosphere with our long tables. Ideal for family-style dining or buffet setups, ensuring a seamless and organized event.
  4. Decorative Table Accents:

    • Description: Elevate your table settings with our decorative accents. From table runners to centerpieces, add a touch of sophistication and charm to your event.

Overall Description: “At Mojo Outdoor Hire, we offer a selection of tables to suit various event needs. From practical foldable tables to elegant round and long tables, our rental options cater to different event styles. Enhance your event setup with our quality table solutions.

Budget Partie

No Matter the budget we can help you.

  1. Economical Chair Hire:

    • Description: Affordable and functional seating options perfect for budget-conscious events. Despite being cost-effective, our chairs maintain quality and comfort.
  2. Cost-effective Marquee Hire:

    • Description: Pocket-friendly shelter solutions for outdoor gatherings. Our budget marquees offer practicality without compromising on protection from weather elements.
  3. Basic Lighting Hire:

    • Description: Simple yet effective lighting solutions to illuminate your event space without straining your budget. Functional lighting options for essential ambiance.
  4. Budget Tableware Rental:

    • Description: Value-oriented tableware rental with basic yet functional items. An economical choice for providing essential dining settings without overspending.
  5. Affordable Decorations Rental:

    • Description: Budget-friendly decorative items to add a touch of festivity to your event. From basic banners to modest decor pieces, elevate your party without breaking the bank.

Overall Description: “At Mojo Outdoor Hire, we understand the importance of budget-friendly events. Our range of affordable services offers practical and quality solutions for chairs, marquees, lighting, tableware, and decorations, ensuring a memorable event without exceeding your budget.

Birthday Party Hire

Need Some Item for that Birthday Party? we have you covered.

  1. Chair Hire:

    • Description: Vibrant and comfortable seating options perfect for birthday celebrations. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to match the birthday theme.
  2. Marquee Hire:

    • Description: Sheltered spaces to host birthday parties outdoors. Versatile and customizable to accommodate guests while providing protection from the elements.
  3. Lighting Hire:

    • Description: Set the mood with our range of lighting solutions. From colorful string lights to dazzling effects, create a festive atmosphere for the birthday celebration.
  4. Tableware Rental:

    • Description: Complete your birthday table settings with our colorful and fun tableware. Add a playful touch to the celebration with our vibrant plates, cups, and cutlery.
  5. Decorations Rental:

    • Description: Add excitement to the party atmosphere with our decorative items. Choose from banners, balloons, and themed decor to create an engaging and festive ambiance.

Overall Description: “At Mojo Outdoor Hire, we offer a range of birthday party services to make your celebration memorable. From vibrant seating to sheltered spaces, lighting, tableware, and decorations, our offerings cater to creating an unforgettable birthday experience.