How to Throw a Fabulous Tea Party for Adults In Brisbane


 If you’ve ever enjoyed a life-changing tea party, send your thanks to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. In 1840, this monarch noticed she felt peckish around 4:00 in the afternoon each day. She began enjoying a delicate spread of tea and treats in her room, and the habit turned into a centuries-long English tradition.

You can elevate the Dutchess’ fine idea by taking your tiny tea to the next level. A tea party is a classic and classy way to mark an occasion, from a birthday to a bridal shower. With the right tea party ideas, your celebration might just become the talk of the town!

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Refined Culinary Offerings:

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Whether you’re planning a high tea, an afternoon tea, or something in between, these party planning ideas will ensure a lovely time. Read on to discover our top considerations when tea and scones are on the menu!

Let Them Eat Cake! And Scones! And Sandwiches!

Any good tea party demands a simple but elegant mix of sweet and savoury culinary offerings. The traditional afternoon tea menu should include crustless sandwiches, light cakes, and scones. Each course should be small but decadent – and served with a cup of tea, naturally!


Be sure to provide enough food for each guest to enjoy no fewer than two options from each course. An over-the-top extravaganza might mean providing enough for everyone to try everything. Offering more is wise if you anticipate guests squabbling over the cutest pastry or fanciest sandwich!

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The Sandwich Course

You will probably find four traditional sandwiches at any run-of-the-mill tea party in the UK: cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, and coronation chicken. You might wish to include one or more of these offerings to meet expectations. It’s traditional to enjoy the sandwich and savoury course first, and don’t forget to remove the crusts!


Why are the traditional four options such classics? They offer a bit of something for everybody, satisfying vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Consider subbing a tofu-based cream cheese in your cucumber sandwiches for any vegan attendees.

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The Scone Course

The second course in your afternoon tea spread should be the scone course. For most guests, this course is merely an excuse to enjoy delicious jam and cream! You can make your offerings memorable by elevating your scone offerings so that you don’t need extras!

Traditional scone toppings include strawberry jam, clotted cream, marmalade, lemon curd, and honey.

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The Light Cakes Course

Though it’s hard to resist diving in, your light cakes course should be the final tier on your tea tray. Choose your favourite dainty cakes, pastries, biscuits, and sweets to customize your spread to suit your unique tastes. There are few rules for this sugary course, so have fun choosing the prettiest treats to send your guests home smiling.

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The Tea

When choosing the tea for a tea party, your traditional offerings will always be the classics: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling. At contemporary tea parties, it’s common to serve different teas with different courses. Start with a bold black tea, take an adventurous turn with matcha or Assam, and then end with a herbal tea with digestive properties.

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Choose a Memorable Tea Party Theme

While event planning, it can be helpful to begin with a theme. Though “traditional afternoon tea” is a fun theme on its own, there are creative ways to help your interpretation of tea time stand out. They can make it easier to select a thematic menu or choose which live musicians to hire.

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Best Chairs for Your Tea Party

Choosing the right chairs for your tea party can elevate the experience for you and your guests. Look for chairs that are not only stylish but also comfortable enough for extended sitting.

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Tea Party Ideas Fit for a Dutchess

You don’t need to be a royal to throw an aesthetically pleasing tea party with all the frills! With our tea party ideas, any celebration can become a memorable event. An elegant tea party is all about the details, so don’t leave any element to chance!

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